Owners of Distressed Buildings in Lagos State Risk Forfeiture

Uploaded by on March 18, 2019

Owners of distress building that have been marked for demolition risk forfeiting the property to government if they fail to pull them down by themselves.

In a statement the Commissioner for
Physical Planning and Urban Development, Prince Rotimi Ogunleye said government would take over such structures if it pulled them down.

The statement says that the state government will not hesitate to invoke Section Seventy four of the Regional Planning and Development Law.

The law provides that property owner or developer could forfeit the property of buildings that collapsed as a result of negligence on their part.

It appealed for the co-operation of members of the public to rid the State of distressed structures.

Prince Ogunleye said that the state government had already demolished forty of the one hundred and forty nine distressed
and defective buildings in different parts of the State.

He said that thirty eight buildings have been slated for demolishon in the second phase.

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