National Biosafety Management Agency Says GMO’s Are Safe For Man And The Environment

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Contrary to speculations from some quarters in the country that Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO’s were not safe for human consumption, experts say the allegation lacks substance.

The Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the National Biosafety Management Agency, Dr. Rufus EBEGBA stated this during an interaction with Nigeria Association of Agriculture Journalists in Lagos.

Dr. Ebegba confirmed that there is actually no difference between GMO products and their conventional counterparts.

Giving a background to the GMOs and Biosafety Management Agency in Nigeria, Dr. Ebegba said that Nigeria was a party to two international agreements which eventually gave impetus to the ratification of the convention on biological diversity (CBD), and the Cortagena protocol on Biosafety (CPB).

He said that as a regulator, the agency has the responsibility to protect the health of Nigerians to ensure that these products are safe for humans and the environment.

According to Dr. EBEGBA GMO’s are not products of chemical manipulations but normal plants or animals created by God and modified by man to suit its specific purpose especially in the agriculture sector.

He emphasised that the need to regulate activities in this area gave rise to the Natioal Biosafety Management Agency, NBMA. adding that it was set up by an Act.
This clears the air on the controversies that trailed the introduction of GMO’s in Nigeria making it coterigorically safe for human consumption.


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