Former Nigerian Ambassador To The UN Prof. Gambari Calls For Reconstruction Of The Country To Keep It United

Uploaded by on July 15, 2019

A former Nigerian Representative to the United Nations, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Ibrahim Gambari has called for true federalism as was conceptualized by the nation’s founding fathers.

He made the call while speaking at an event at the University of Abuja the nation’s capital.

The former Ambassador to the United Nations and said for true nation building to take place, there has to be a coherent society where every section would have a sense of belonging in commitment to national unity, the stability of the currency and the viability of the citizens by social harmony.

” The founding fathers of our country were very wise in choosing federalism because the recognised that out of our diversity represented in the old regions must come the unity and we saw that and weak centre was a recipe for disaster and created more states for true nation building. There has to be a recognition of the nexus between peace, democracy and development. There will be no durable peace without sustainable development. People want to live in peace but they can not eat peace. It is fundamental but not sufficient.

The former envoy who stressed the need for the restructuring of the country, however said there was a need for the elites to make deliberate efforts to think of how to re-examine the structure of the country, but emphasized that a consensus must be reached as to what exactly the people want and how they want to be governed.

” We have to make conscious efforts to think about how do we constantly reexamine the structure of our country but we have to have a consensus. Restructuring means different things to different people. What do we mean by restructuring? By definition, any entity that does not restructure cannot survive and that’s why there is constitutional amendment even in older democracy like say the United States because they have provision for the amendment of the constitution. It is not restructuring for the sake of restructuring but it is towards what they call towards a more perfect union.” He said.

Professor Gambari observed that things were not right when the country had nineteen states and that informed the creation of additional states to address various needs of the people.

By Chinyere Ogbonna

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