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The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has promised to raise money for the building of the Bible House in Lagos.

The President of the Association, the Reverend Dr. Olasupo Ayokunle made the promise at the twelfth Founder Day Lecture and Awards ceremony of the Bible Society of Nigeria, BSN in Lagos.

Reverend Ayokunle said that Churches would be mobilised to raise funds for the project on a particular Sunday yet to be determined.

He also promised to ensure that Churches would dedicate one Sunday offering yearly to the BSN in support of it’s project of translating the Bible into local languages.

BSN has since inception fifty two years ago translated the Bible into twenty six local languages and is currently working on nine other translations three of which would be completed between now and next year.

Besides, it has a Bible for the blind and translated the sign language Bible for the deaf and dumb.

It costs forty million Naira to translate the Bible into a local language but cost over one hundred million Naira to translate the Bible into sign language and brail for the blind.

The Reverend Ayokunle who is also the President of Nigerian Baptist Convention said that it is the duty of Churches to ensure that every Nigerian has a copy of the Bible, the book of Life.

According to him, crimes would be reduced to a minimal level if youths have Bibles, read the Bible and obey it’s tenents.

On the theme of the lecture which is”Curbing Communal Conflicts and Terrorism for Sustainable National Growth and Development,” he said that hipocracy in the international community is why Boko Haram is still alive.

He wondered why the international community would run to intervene in countries were the number of killings are far less compared to the number of deaths by Boko Haram.

However, he said that government has what it takes to defeat Boko Haram.

The Guest Speaker, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Halogen group, Mr. Wale Olaoye said that security is key to human sustainable development.

Mr. Olaoye said that the Constitution provides for citizens and groups to take charge of their security and encourage people to do so as the police is already overwhelmed considering the ration of one police man to three hundred Nigerians.

He said that the country cannot overcome it’s security challenges if it does not change tactics and engage superior intelligence and reasoning.

According to him, security and other developmental challenges facing the country would become history if the country designs a national vision and genuinely work towards achieving it and mobilising citizens to key into the vision.

He said that it was the absence of a vision for the country that make people not to have a national goal that they pursue hence they fight, kill and maim.

He said that a national vision transcend leaders, as leaders come and go while the national vision remains a driving force to sustainable development.

Mr. Olaoye said that national vision is more important than the leaders saying that leaders work to achieve set visionary goals.

Also, the security expert advised African leaders to be less corrupt and invest in education, health, industry and infrastructure so that youths would stop migrating to foreign lands to take up slavish jobs.

He said no country develops when it’s army of youths migrate to foriengn land in search of greener pastures.

By Fabian Anawo.

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