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Are you a foreigner living in Nigeria?

Have you been registered in Lagos or the state where you are domiciled?

Are you aware of the window of opportunity which the Federal Government has opened through the Migrant E registration?

If you don’t, then hurry up as you have up till the eleventh of January to legalise your stay in Nigeria.

After January eleven, it becomes
an offence for any foreigner living in Nigeria who failed to register with his Local Government of residence, through Immigration Office.

Any alien caught living in Nigeria illegally on expiration of the window risk a three year jailed term with hard labour.

Also, any landlord, landlady, caretaker or agent that accommodates such illegal alien, will be charged as an accomplice and jailed for three years with an option of a fine of fifty thousand Naira or both.

Any landlord or landlady that engaged the services of foreigners as guards or house helps, should ensure they are registered according to the law of the land as any one who violates this law will be equally jailed.

By Fabian Anawo

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